Jonesborough Municipal Code

The Jonesborough Municipal Code that was last codified through March 8, 2021 is available by clicking here: MUNICIPAL CODE (through March 8, 2021)

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Codified

The listing below of municipal code amendments by year includes all legislation received by Municipal Code since the last update through March 8, 2021. This legislation has been enacted, but has not yet been codified.

2023 Municipal Code Amendments

Wastewater Treatment Tap Fee Ordinance NO.2023-04
Corridor Overlay District  Ordinance NO.2023-05
 Regulating Junk Vehicles Ordinance NO.2023-06
 Roundtable Advisory Committee  Ordinance NO.2023-08
Alcoholic Beverages  Ordinance NO.2023-09
Motor Vehicle And Traffic  Ordinance NO.2023-10
International Energy Conservation  Ordinance NO.2023-11

2022 Municipal Code Amendments

Retail Liquor Store Ordinance NO.2022-04
Parking Ordinance NO.2022-05
 Establish Reasonable Court Costs Ordinance NO.2022-07
State Traffic Offenses & Rules of the Road Ordinance NO.2022-08
Building Code Ordinance NO.2022-09

2021 Municipal Code Amendments

Planned Residential Development Ordinance NO.2021-05
Adopting International Building Code – 2018 Edition Ordinance NO.2021-07
 Sewer and Wastewater Treatment Ordinance NO.2021-09
 Central Business District Ordinance NO.2021-10