September Employee of The Month – Jimmy Green

I would like to nominate Jimmy Green for Employee of the Month for his outstanding effort in acquiring more water, pressure and flow to our valued customers in the Jonesborough water system.  Jimmy’s diligence and knowledge of our water system has helped supply customers on John Matthews Road, Corby Bridge Road, Smith Bridge Road and Keebler Road; approximately 40 customers with more water and psi on an antiquated 2-inch water line.  This area has been problematic for years with low water and pressure complaints.  Jimmy’s proposal was to tie in the 6-inch at Matthew Mills Road with the 2-inch that fed Corby Bridge Road and Smith Bridge Road thus supplying customers with more water.  The implementation of his plan worked and the customers have around 10 more psi and gained 10 gallons per minute at their meter.  Jimmy Green is a valuable asset to Water Distribution and is dedicated to the needs of the Town of Jonesborough.  Jimmy has been employed with the Town of Jonesborough for 16 years and has the respect of his coworkers for his leadership skills and willingness to teach and pass his plethora of knowledge to the new and inexperienced associates.

Thank you, Jimmy Green! You are appreciated!