September 2023 Employee of the Month Michael Kincheloe

Michael Kincheloe is a Plant Operator IV at the Water Treatment Facility. He has stepped up to several challenges at the plant over the last few months. He has come in to work several times on his days off and even cancelled scheduled vacation time off to help plant staff handle emergency situations. He will consistently stay late or come in early to complete sampling events that are mandated by TDEC. When a coworker was out for medical leave, he stepped up to help with those job duties as well.

Michael has also taken the lead in training new operators. He leads by example and can be counted upon to go above and beyond his job duties. He is always helpful and will drop whatever he is doing to answer the phone whenever another employee calls him for help, even on his days off work.

Working with Mike over the years has been a pleasure. He helps inspire the people around him to be their best. Michael is an asset to the Water Treatment Facility for the Town of Jonesborough.


Thank you, Michael Kincheloe! You are appreciated!

August 2023 Employee of the Month David Gillenwater

I would like to nominate David Gillenwater for Employee of the Month. David has worked for the Town of Jonesborough for 11 years. David does an excellent job of caring for the senior center and Lincoln Park. The pride he puts into all he does is a huge reason the senior center still looks brand new, seven and a half years later. He works very hard to maintain the center both inside and out and the above and beyond he gives comes from the heart. He cares about our members experience while they are here and he is always willing to lend a hand, jump start a car, whatever is needed. David never says that is not my job, he is a team player. In fact, David serves as our chef for our Cafe Connection program. On Wednesdays each week. the senior center provides a home cooked meal prepared in our kitchen. As we are working to change the dining experience for seniors, he makes this program a positive experience for our members. David works diligently maintaining the grounds of the senior center and now Lincoln Park: weeding, spraying, watering. He has jumped right in to help with plant care and staking trees. He helps out with our Master Gardner’s with the gardening efforts. David works well with everyone in the office, and I have never heard David get frustrated with anyone needing his help. He exemplifies the attitude that everything is our job and we are here for the members. David plays a key role in that ensuring that the members have a safe, clean and fun space to take part in the programs of their choice. These qualities make David Gillenwater a great candidate for Employee of the Month.


Thank you, David Gillenwater! You are appreciated!

July 2023 Employee of the Month Arthur Casey

I would like to recommend Arthur Casey for employee of the month for June 2023. Arthur has been employed by the Town of Jonesborough for 32 years and has shown to be sedulous and an artisan at his position. Arthur was recently promoted to Construction Supervisor and has evolved as a true leader with a meticulous attention to detail in all of Water Distributions line maintenance and construction affairs. Arthur is well respected by his colleagues for his leadership skills and his knowledge of our intricate water system and has a propensity to share his knowledge to the incoming neophytes at water distribution. You can always call Arthur day or night at any time and he is willing to give advice to the people on call or come in and help with the repair of the water line. Arthur was instrumental in getting Lincoln Parks toilets plumbed and installed again, showcasing his knowledge and his ability to help other departments when needed. Arthur also took out the old water heaters at Wetlands Park and plumbed in and installed two water heaters that were antiquated and were leaking: along with repairing several leaks the park had this year. These are just a few examples of what Arthur Casey does on a daily basis besides his regular job duties. His kindness and generosity go beyond his normal working hours into his personal time by helping others that may need help with any home repairs or mechanical issues.

These are the qualities that exemplify the traits of what Jonesborough, TN is known for and is expected by our residents and also what makes us flourish as a community.


Thank you, Arthur Casey! You are appreciated!

June 2023 Employee of the Month Shane Adkins

I would Like to nominate Fleet Dept Employee Shane Adkins for Employee of the Month.  The Fleet Department is one of the smallest departments in the Town of Jonesborough, with only 3 technicians serving 16 departments with over 200 vehicles and engine powered equipment, our schedule is tight.  Police vehicles are replaced every so many years which requires new vehicles coming in and being sent to specialized “Upfitters” that install all the equipment and fixtures necessary to create a truly customized Cruiser for the Police and Fire departments.  The budget was tight for the new vehicles and with a last-minute increase in prices by the “Upfitters”, equipping all the new vehicles would put the Police Department over budget on the new Units. Matt Rice approached Shane asking if he thought he could do the upfitting for the new Police Fleet.  Shane had been servicing the Police units already but hadn’t upfitted a unit yet.  He was given 2 units to prepare. Shane researched the necessary details online, and through a supplier of upfitter equipment and went to Washington Co. Sheriffs garage to clarify some questions he had about their units.  He started slow and spent a few weeks doing the first car, then the second car went a little better.  Along the way he improved the wiring design he was taught and came up with a better way to design the add on electrical system to support all the equipment to turn an Explorer into a Police unit.  Shane completed 10-unit upfits saving $1,500.00 each, adding up to $15,000.00 in labor savings.  He also saved the departments another $1,600.00 in shop supply charges.  Both combined 16,600.00 saved.  Another benefit is he knows everything about upfit work and that makes him the expert on our Police and Fire units.  In order to complete this task Shane worked overtime without complaint to complete this project on time. After the new units were completed, he also changed three Police unit into Fire units. A job well done!


Thank you, Shane Adkins! You are appreciated!

May 2023 Employee of the Month Glen Woodfin

For May 2023, I would like to nominate Street Department Employee Glen Woodfin for Employee of the Month. The Street Department is a small, multi-function group of men, tasked w/a plethora of projects with varying degrees of difficulty. Glen Woodfin is one of those folks who can do just about anything. Well beyond Glen’s regular job scope, he can do grade work and landscaping, framing and trim work, work with metal and steel, ceramic tile and flooring and much more. During our recent foray into the Lincoln Park project, Glen had a hand in most of the construction of the Park. Whereas I was more involved in the layout attributes of the structures, Glen was tasked with directing the crew in how to actually ‘construct’ the structures and features. On the Lincoln Park project alone, Glen was involved in wood and steel framing, setting the timbers for the Stage, construction of the block terraced beds, wood framing and trim of both buildings, grade work and landscape sculpting of the grounds, installing outdoor lighting, grading and asphalting of parking areas and about a hundred other items. To say that Glen was invaluable to the successful completion of Lincoln Park would the understatement of the century. There were so many moving pieces to the Lincoln Park project that our crew (and many others) were involved in. I just wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of the key players in that large and complex project. Everyone involved in the Park project did a fantastic job, but I feel Glen Woodfin deserves a special word of recognition and ‘thanks’. For these reasons and many more, Glen Woodfin is my choice for Employee of the Month.


Thank you, Glen Woodfin! You are appreciated!

April Employee of the Month Malcolm Highsmith

We are nominating Malcolm Highsmith, Director of Streets for the April 2023 Employee of the Month.  Malcolm Highsmith exemplifies true leadership in his ability to lead the Street Crew (6 men) in all the job tasks they undertake.  The Street Department is often “pulled” to assist with projects for other Towns departments that results in them putting their own projects on hold for a period of time.  One example is the Lincoln Park Project that they have worked effortlessly and tirelessly on for several months in getting this wonderful park finished, alongside of several other departments as well. Most citizens of the Town of Jonesborough do not realize all the planning, organization and work it takes just for the regular operation of the Street Department in advance for the preparation of each of the four seasons by making sure equipment is operable, for example mower(s), leaf vacuum, snow removal equipment, staying on top of the weather in order to get the Street crew organized and to be ready to go and tackle whatever natural storm event comes our way;  (1) Summer – rights-of-way along all city streets have to be mowed, (2) Fall – leaf pick-up, and ordering salt to make sure there is enough in stock just in case we experience more snow and ice than we normally have during the winter months , (3) Winter – ice and snow removal, (4) Spring – making sure the “pot holes are taken care of,  working with the Operations Manager and Town Administrator on developing a priority list of streets that need to be paved; as well as during weather events like heavy rains storms and winds – storm drains have to be checked and cleared and trees that fall across the road have to be removed.  Malcolm and the Street Department assists the Event Coordinator, Tourism & Main Street staff, Recreation and Public Safety Departments with the annual Special Events happening in town, i.e., Jonesborough Days, Storytelling Festival, the Jonesborough Days and Christmas parades, the half-marathon and 5-K races, by making sure safety cones and street blockades are put in place before each event.  Malcolm has a great attitude and expresses his concern toward his fellow employees by letting them know you are doing a great job and keep up the good work”. Malcolm Highsmith demonstrates the quality of a great Town Employee and Department Head with a positive “can do” attitude and the effort and concern he puts forth for his crew and their safety in whatever job tasks they have to undertake at the spur of the moment, and prefers to remain in the background and that his CREW receives the praise for a “JOB WELL DONE!!!”


Thank you, Malcolm Highsmith! You are appreciated!

March Employee of the Month Tim Banner

For March 2023, I would like to nominate Street Department Employee Tim Banner for Employee of the Month.  The Street Department is a close-knit group of hard-working individuals comprising a great team.  Tim Banner adds qualities to the team that I would consider to be exemplary.  If you know Tim, you already know of his unflappable character.  Tim is a fine upstanding man, who showcases his character and integrity each day, on each project, and during each interaction.  Tim is the type employee that a department head enjoys having on his crew and project.  Tim completes each and every job or task, with a level of dedication that is rarely seen.  To say Tim is a ‘team player’ is a vast understatement.  Tim is a compassionate and kind soul who has a warm countenance as he meets with Town residents on animal control calls, or when he deals with the motoring public while providing traffic control, as Tim is our Animal Control officer as well as holding a central spot on the Street Department.  Whether in a dump truck or on a piece of equipment, driving a snow removal vehicle, or responding to yet another animal control issueTim Banner is ‘all in’ concerning the way he views his job.  Tim is always willing to help on any task or project, a solid citizen who adds value and depth to our tight knit Street Department team.  Tim is one of those folks you are proud to have representing your work unit, always having a positive attitude and ‘can do’ spirit.  Tim is responsible, dependable, considerate and mindful of co-workers timely, skilled and a true asset to our Town.  Tim has been with the Town for 14 years, and has a solid record of excellent service, dutiful employment and the proper work ethic and attitude.  Tim Banner is my choice for Employee of the Month. Tim represents his work unit and our Town in fine fashion.  


Thank you, Tim Banner! You are appreciated!

January Employee of the Month Allen Weems

Congrats to Allen Weems on receiving January’s Employee of the Month.

Allen is the Program Director for the Jonesborough Senior Center. Allen is responsible for all the planning and implementing of senior center trips, activities and programs. That means planning an average of 100 trips a year and 14 activities, classes and programs daily.

He is a very detail-oriented person and does an excellent job of arranging all of the aspects of the trips, arranging speakers and instructors. He is mindful of member’s financial situations and interests and works to offer classes, trips and programs that are varied.

As the senior center continues to grow, the needs of our members are ever changing and his creativity and organizational skills make him the right person for this position. Allen is not only creative and detail orientated, he is also very conscious of cost. He works hard to find the best rates to make the trips affordable for our members.

Allen also pays attention to the resources of the senior center’s special projects account; this is the money that the center fundraisers for with the help of the Senior Center Advisory Board. This funding enables the senior center to offset class cost to make them more affordable to our members and help seniors in need. Which is very important to Allen as he worked as our Options Counselor and managed services for homebound seniors, on his caseload.

Allen worked diligently on promoting the senior center’s Annual Health Fair we hosted in May. Our vendor participation was the highest the senior center has had in 10 years of hosting this event.

In July, Allen organized a new monthly trivia challenge. Trivia is proven beneficial brain health activity, and it has been the goal of the senior center to host this event. Allen secured monthly business sponsors to cover the cost of the trivia host, with no cost to the senior center.

Allen most recently worked on the annual Fall Craft Show and was responsible for coordinating with vendors, securing payment and organizing the set up.

Not only is Allen great with the senior center members, he is also a team player, who encourages his fellow coworkers. Congrats!


Thank you, Allen Weems! You are appreciated!

November Employee of the Month Sergeant Jonathan Peace

Sergeant Jonathan Peace has been with the Jonesborough Police Department for approximately 7 ½ years. He has continuously proven himself and risen to the rank of Sergeant, Field Training Officer, and General Department Instructor. He has never ceased showing his knowledge, commitment, and dedication to the department and our community.

On the afternoon of June 14, 2022, Sgt. Jonathan Peace responded to a motor vehicle accident call near the intersection of E. Main St. and Fox St. in downtown Jonesborough. When Sgt. Peace arrived, Michael Daniels, one of the drivers, had been pulled from his vehicle unconscious and placed on the side of the road. It was quickly determined that Mr. Daniels was in cardiac arrest. Sgt. Peace immediately jumped into action beginning CPR. He continued chest compressions as EMS personnel worked to assist in life-saving measures. Sgt. Peace continued these compressions in the blazing East Tennessee Summer heat without complaint or ceasing in his efforts.

When special medical equipment took over chest compressions on the patient, he helped with securing and moving the patient to a waiting ambulance. Sgt. Jonathan Peace saved Michael Daniels’ life. Without his prompt response, calm composure, and level-headedness in an emergency, this incident would have ended very differently. After the patient was transported from the scene, Sgt. Peace continued with absolute professionalism to all parties involved in the accident. He was compassionate as he contacted the next of kin of Mr. Daniels. He was sympathetic in speaking with the other driver, Sandra Stelter who was visibly anxious given the circumstance. Sgt. Peace exemplified the definition of serving his community. He contacted the hospital to check on his welfare the following day.

The Jonesborough Police Department Life Saving Award is given to those who go beyond to save a life. Sgt. Jonathan Peace is one of those people. We are pleased to recommend Sergeant Jonathan Ryan Peace as the recipient of the Life Saving Commendation and wish to recognize him as the employee of the month.


Thank you, Sergeant Jonathan Peace! You are appreciated!

October Employee of The Month – Sergeant Jeff White

September 28, 2022 Sergeant Jeff White has been with the Jonesborough Fire and Police Departments for many years. He has continually demonstrated commitment and dedication to the public in his years of service.

On the evening of September 7, 2022, Sgt. Jeff White responded to a fire at Jonesborough Barrel House located at 119 E. Main Street. When Sgt. White arrived, he found a small building at the back of the address fully engulfed in flames. Sgt. White and the Jonesborough Fire Department leaped into action. Given the nature of the already engulfed building and foregoing his safety, Sgt. Jeff White began fighting the fire in his Police uniform when he heard people calling out from an apartment next to the outbuilding. The individuals in the apartment had no way to exit the building safely. Without hesitation, he focused on getting those trapped to safety. His years of training and experience ensured Sgt. White was able to keep the fire from spreading to the apartment and injuring anyone. He assisted in getting those individuals down from the apartment and away from the blaze.

After Sgt. White secured their safety, he continued to fight the fire saving surrounding historic buildings from damage and ruin. He never stopped working to fight the fire despite the exhausting conditions. Sgt. Jeff White’s efforts irrefutably save buildings adjacent to the property and potential loss of life by keeping the fire from escalating. Sgt. White embodied the police motto “to protect and serve” with his actions. Therefore, we are strongly recommending Sergeant Jeff White for Employee of the Month for his heroic and brave actions.

Thank you, Sergeant Jeff White! You are appreciated!