November Employee of the Month Sergeant Jonathan Peace

Sergeant Jonathan Peace has been with the Jonesborough Police Department for approximately 7 ½ years. He has continuously proven himself and risen to the rank of Sergeant, Field Training Officer, and General Department Instructor. He has never ceased showing his knowledge, commitment, and dedication to the department and our community.

On the afternoon of June 14, 2022, Sgt. Jonathan Peace responded to a motor vehicle accident call near the intersection of E. Main St. and Fox St. in downtown Jonesborough. When Sgt. Peace arrived, Michael Daniels, one of the drivers, had been pulled from his vehicle unconscious and placed on the side of the road. It was quickly determined that Mr. Daniels was in cardiac arrest. Sgt. Peace immediately jumped into action beginning CPR. He continued chest compressions as EMS personnel worked to assist in life-saving measures. Sgt. Peace continued these compressions in the blazing East Tennessee Summer heat without complaint or ceasing in his efforts.

When special medical equipment took over chest compressions on the patient, he helped with securing and moving the patient to a waiting ambulance. Sgt. Jonathan Peace saved Michael Daniels’ life. Without his prompt response, calm composure, and level-headedness in an emergency, this incident would have ended very differently. After the patient was transported from the scene, Sgt. Peace continued with absolute professionalism to all parties involved in the accident. He was compassionate as he contacted the next of kin of Mr. Daniels. He was sympathetic in speaking with the other driver, Sandra Stelter who was visibly anxious given the circumstance. Sgt. Peace exemplified the definition of serving his community. He contacted the hospital to check on his welfare the following day.

The Jonesborough Police Department Life Saving Award is given to those who go beyond to save a life. Sgt. Jonathan Peace is one of those people. We are pleased to recommend Sergeant Jonathan Ryan Peace as the recipient of the Life Saving Commendation and wish to recognize him as the employee of the month.


Thank you, Sergeant Jonathan Peace! You are appreciated!