March Employee of the Month Tim Banner

For March 2023, I would like to nominate Street Department Employee Tim Banner for Employee of the Month.  The Street Department is a close-knit group of hard-working individuals comprising a great team.  Tim Banner adds qualities to the team that I would consider to be exemplary.  If you know Tim, you already know of his unflappable character.  Tim is a fine upstanding man, who showcases his character and integrity each day, on each project, and during each interaction.  Tim is the type employee that a department head enjoys having on his crew and project.  Tim completes each and every job or task, with a level of dedication that is rarely seen.  To say Tim is a ‘team player’ is a vast understatement.  Tim is a compassionate and kind soul who has a warm countenance as he meets with Town residents on animal control calls, or when he deals with the motoring public while providing traffic control, as Tim is our Animal Control officer as well as holding a central spot on the Street Department.  Whether in a dump truck or on a piece of equipment, driving a snow removal vehicle, or responding to yet another animal control issueTim Banner is ‘all in’ concerning the way he views his job.  Tim is always willing to help on any task or project, a solid citizen who adds value and depth to our tight knit Street Department team.  Tim is one of those folks you are proud to have representing your work unit, always having a positive attitude and ‘can do’ spirit.  Tim is responsible, dependable, considerate and mindful of co-workers timely, skilled and a true asset to our Town.  Tim has been with the Town for 14 years, and has a solid record of excellent service, dutiful employment and the proper work ethic and attitude.  Tim Banner is my choice for Employee of the Month. Tim represents his work unit and our Town in fine fashion.  


Thank you, Tim Banner! You are appreciated!