July Employee of The Month – Donna Freeman

I would like to nominate Donna Freeman for the distinction of Employee of the Month for July 2022. Donna is the Executive Assistant for Town Hall, but does the job of many titles. Donna, on many occasions, has gone above and beyond for not only the General Department, but the Town. On a routine basis, Donna handles information for the Board of Mayor and Alderman, Planning Commission, Health Assessments, helping with the Budget, Town event flyers, JRT playbills and much more! No matter what Donna is facing she is sure to finish it in a timely manner and with excellent quality! When anyone has a question, their first stop is almost always her. On top of her routine roles, she has added trainer, mentor, friend, and the affectionate name of Nana as Glenn refers to her when trouble comes and you need wise advice. She has been a wonderful mentor and someone I greatly look up to! When things become stressful, she makes them seem simple. She is who you would want on your team.

Speaking of “team”, Town Hall is what I would like to think of as a family unit. We all work hard together, look out for one another and share a lot of laughter with one another. Donna is a very large part of that family unit and what makes it work. She is the glue, if you will. She holds us all together and helps us all with any issues we may face and is there when we need her the most as well as when we just need to smile. When things get hard, you will never receive a complaint from Donna, but you will receive an impeccable job well done!

For these reasons, and many–many more, I feel that Donna deserves the honor of receiving Employee of the Month for July 2022.


Thank you, Donna Freeman! You are appreciated!