December Employee of The Month – James Walden

I would like to nominate James Walden for the distinction of Employee of the Month for December 2021.  James is our lead Equipment Operator and brings a wealth of skills and experience to the Street Department’s ranks.  James exhibits a strong work ethic that could serve as an example for many of us.  James is dependable, honest, trustworthy, very knowledgeable of the construction trade, a Class – A CDL license holder, and James is a team player.  James brings a depth of skills to each and every project he is involved in, provides helpful solutions for issues/problems, and is a solid producer of quality results on each task he is asked to perform.  

  James is one half of our two-man asphalt paver operator crew.  Placing asphalt is certainly not just about two people, but the men who ride on the back of the paver adjusting depths and widths, are very important to the finished product.  Another of James’ key roles in equipment operation, is with the operation of the Town’s truck mounted crane.  James operates the crane in many different applications.  Recently James operated the crane to lift heating/air units to the roof of the Jackson/JRT theaters.  James takes the crane quarterly to the Water Treatment plant to lower a tractor into holding vats for clean out.  James also recently operated the crane while assisting the water department in setting a large concrete vault/lid in the alley way between the Jackson and the Main Street Café.  Setting the vault/lid on the busiest section of W. Main Street was a theatre of logistics, but everything went well.  The vault is now placed and secured, and contractors can continue their work.  James is a very capable and necessary equipment operator for the Town, not just for the Street Department. It is a comfort and pleasure to have James Walden working on your construction project, drainage project or special event.  I feel James Walden is very much worthy of EOM honors for December 2021. 


Thank you, James Walden! You are appreciated!