August Employee of The Month – Sergeant Chad Reece

I would like to nominate Sergeant Chad Reece of the Jonesborough Police Department as Employee of the Month for the Town of Jonesborough.

On Saturday, July 24th, myself and Beebo Russell had made plans to come in early and spray the weeds growing in the 11 E medians leading into town.  With the hot wet weather we have experienced this summer, weed control is a large, tough task. When you couple this with the location on the medians and the heavy traffic along the 11 E corridor, safety and efficiency are big focus.

That morning Sergeant Reece offered to provide us escort as we sprayed, ensuring our safety as well as allowing us to move quickly along, saving us valuable time and limiting any traffic obstruction to drivers.  Thanks to his willingness to assist us, we were able to get done 2 hours earlier than expected. And more importantly, we were able to do so safely.

There is no doubt that had Sergeant Reece not provided this escort, things would have taken a lot longer, costing us time and payroll expense.  We in the Parks & Recreation Department greatly appreciate Chad keeping us safe and proudly nominate him as Employee of the Month. 

Thank you, Sergeant Chad Reece! You are appreciated!