April Employee of the Month Malcolm Highsmith

We are nominating Malcolm Highsmith, Director of Streets for the April 2023 Employee of the Month.  Malcolm Highsmith exemplifies true leadership in his ability to lead the Street Crew (6 men) in all the job tasks they undertake.  The Street Department is often “pulled” to assist with projects for other Towns departments that results in them putting their own projects on hold for a period of time.  One example is the Lincoln Park Project that they have worked effortlessly and tirelessly on for several months in getting this wonderful park finished, alongside of several other departments as well. Most citizens of the Town of Jonesborough do not realize all the planning, organization and work it takes just for the regular operation of the Street Department in advance for the preparation of each of the four seasons by making sure equipment is operable, for example mower(s), leaf vacuum, snow removal equipment, staying on top of the weather in order to get the Street crew organized and to be ready to go and tackle whatever natural storm event comes our way;  (1) Summer – rights-of-way along all city streets have to be mowed, (2) Fall – leaf pick-up, and ordering salt to make sure there is enough in stock just in case we experience more snow and ice than we normally have during the winter months , (3) Winter – ice and snow removal, (4) Spring – making sure the “pot holes are taken care of,  working with the Operations Manager and Town Administrator on developing a priority list of streets that need to be paved; as well as during weather events like heavy rains storms and winds – storm drains have to be checked and cleared and trees that fall across the road have to be removed.  Malcolm and the Street Department assists the Event Coordinator, Tourism & Main Street staff, Recreation and Public Safety Departments with the annual Special Events happening in town, i.e., Jonesborough Days, Storytelling Festival, the Jonesborough Days and Christmas parades, the half-marathon and 5-K races, by making sure safety cones and street blockades are put in place before each event.  Malcolm has a great attitude and expresses his concern toward his fellow employees by letting them know you are doing a great job and keep up the good work”. Malcolm Highsmith demonstrates the quality of a great Town Employee and Department Head with a positive “can do” attitude and the effort and concern he puts forth for his crew and their safety in whatever job tasks they have to undertake at the spur of the moment, and prefers to remain in the background and that his CREW receives the praise for a “JOB WELL DONE!!!”


Thank you, Malcolm Highsmith! You are appreciated!