October Employee of The Month – Sergeant Jeff White

September 28, 2022 Sergeant Jeff White has been with the Jonesborough Fire and Police Departments for many years. He has continually demonstrated commitment and dedication to the public in his years of service.

On the evening of September 7, 2022, Sgt. Jeff White responded to a fire at Jonesborough Barrel House located at 119 E. Main Street. When Sgt. White arrived, he found a small building at the back of the address fully engulfed in flames. Sgt. White and the Jonesborough Fire Department leaped into action. Given the nature of the already engulfed building and foregoing his safety, Sgt. Jeff White began fighting the fire in his Police uniform when he heard people calling out from an apartment next to the outbuilding. The individuals in the apartment had no way to exit the building safely. Without hesitation, he focused on getting those trapped to safety. His years of training and experience ensured Sgt. White was able to keep the fire from spreading to the apartment and injuring anyone. He assisted in getting those individuals down from the apartment and away from the blaze.

After Sgt. White secured their safety, he continued to fight the fire saving surrounding historic buildings from damage and ruin. He never stopped working to fight the fire despite the exhausting conditions. Sgt. Jeff White’s efforts irrefutably save buildings adjacent to the property and potential loss of life by keeping the fire from escalating. Sgt. White embodied the police motto “to protect and serve” with his actions. Therefore, we are strongly recommending Sergeant Jeff White for Employee of the Month for his heroic and brave actions.

Thank you, Sergeant Jeff White! You are appreciated!