November Employee of The Month – Roger Gentry

Roger has integrity, a solid work ethic, he’s flexible, caring, on time, easy going, detail oriented, and always thinking ahead, these are all words and phrases that describe this nominee.  

Roger demonstrates commitment to his work every day through a range of actions and activities.  First and foremost, he is always punctual and arrives before the rest of staff daily, consistently ensuring that Jonesborough Town Hall and the McKinney Center are ready to serve the public each and every day. 

There are days Roger is pulled from his regular routine to fill in at the Garage Service Center or somewhere else downtown.  He stays positive and always without hesitation chips in and assists with anything necessary for the day to day operations.  He always says ‘yes’, regardless of the complexity or frequency of tasks.   He’s been unflappable with the increased demands created by COVID and the growing use of the McKinney Center.

Roger takes pride in the appearance and safety of the McKinney Center.  His upbeat spirit and attention to detail maintains a positive presentation for the McKinney Center.  He is proactive with space management and ensures that rooms are always set-up for classes, special events and rentals.  He continually thinks ahead regarding the set up and how the room should look and function.    

Roger goes above and beyond by also attending to the grounds at the McKinney Center. He blows leaves in the fall, and shovels snow in the winter months. During spring and summer, he weeds the flower beds, cleans out dead flowers and blooms and disposes of the debris in the appropriate way.  

He has taken initiative to repaint baseboards, chair rails, doors, windows and banisters in the McKinney Center as soon as he notices signs of wear.  He always pays attention to the safety of not only the employees, but also visitors who come into the McKinney Center by replacing blown light bulbs and broken equipment, and usually has things repaired before anyone asks for the replacements to be done.  His extensive skill set means the McKinney Center does not need to call on outside help for service and repairs.

Over the past few years, Roger has become a vital part in helping with our art exhibits, not only does he keep our exhibit panels and pedestals clean, painted and looking good, he installs the lighting and helps arrange panels and helps hang heavy pieces when necessary.  Roger always helps carry in art work for artists exhibiting their work.  

COVID has increased the number of tasks required of Roger (which include daily sanitizing of common surfaces and disinfecting of shared air spaces).  The new efforts needed for COVID are in even greater demand as classes, students are surging.   Roger expends a tremendous amount of energy every day as he makes sure the Center is safe and functional.  Visitors are impressed and often comment on the overall look of the McKinney Center, and staff are confident when addressing questions from potential renters and participants.

The best characteristic about Roger is that he displays a jolly demeanor each day.  He is personable and speaks to visitors and helps ensure that everyone who walks through our door has a pleasant experience.

I would like to recommend Roger Gentry as Employee of the Month because he deserves this recognition and this would be an honor for him.  

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa Hammons

Director, McKinney Center


Thank you, Roger Gentry! You are appreciated!