October 2023 Employee of the Month Jerry Davis

I would Like to nominate Fleet Dept Employee Jerry Davis for Employee of the Month.  The Fleet Department is one of the smallest departments in the Town of Jonesborough, with only 3 technicians serving 16 departments with over 200 plus vehicles and engine powered equipment ranging from air cooled weed eater’s and lawn mowers to dump trucks and very large heavy equipment.

Jerry has worked on Jonesborough’s garbage trucks his whole career, for 28 years.  He is willing anytime from early in the morning to late at night to repair an out of service garbage truck.  Working on weekends often, despite his personal needs, to keep our aging garbage truck fleet ready to serve Jonesborough.  If you stand beside any city garbage truck in any city, anywhere, your nose will soon tell you, do not crawl under it.  Sometimes he must go to the landfill and crawl over garbage under the truck just to get one of our trucks rolling again, how much is that worth…priceless.  Speaking of price, if we didn’t have Jerry saving the town literally thousands of dollars each month it would be hard to keep it all moving.  For example, our local big truck shop charges $125.00 an hour and our local new truck dealer charges $239.00 an hour, subtract Jerry’s hourly pay even with some overtime added, and then you can see Jerry is a real bargain.  Jerry is a steady worker, always moving forward to keep Jonesborough’s large trucks and off-road equipment in operating condition.  Jerry is a very cooperative worker willing to work with others and he truly cares about Jonesborough.  Great job Jerry!


Thank you, Jerry Davis! You are appreciated!