November 2023 Employee of the Month Chason Freeman

I would like to nominate Chason Freeman, Fire Lt. for the Town of Jonesborough for Employee of the Month. Chason has always been great to work with. Recently, Chason provided an information table at the senior center to notify our members of the fire department’s smoke detector program. Many of our seniors were not aware something like this was available, and this information has greatly assisted our seniors who would otherwise struggle to install and check their own detectors. What a wonderful service the Fire Department provides and what a great outreach to the community. I overheard Chason and the other fireman interact with our members, and they were great, very informative and engaging. Taking the time to inform our members and answer their questions.

Being able to connect with the community is an essential quality working with the public, and Chason did such a good job. The following week, Chason and another fireman provided a safety class on using a fire extinguisher, which included classroom education and hands on experience operating a fire extinguisher. Our members really enjoyed the opportunity and commented that they feel safer in their own homes now having had the experience of using an extinguisher. Chason was even a good sport and posed with our members for a fun photo! I asked him what made him want to become a fireman, and he shared that as a boy he had learned about firefighting from his dad and grew up responding to fires with his dad. He knew from an early age that was the field for him. I was impressed by his calling for this line of work, and his dedication to the service of others.

Chason exemplifies that call to service, in how he treats the community and in his dedication. Being in a service field requires that person to put others before themselves. Hearing his love for what he does and sharing that so many of the fireman feel that way just made me so proud of our Fire Department in Jonesborough. Chason is always great to work with anytime we need help with anything, fire drills, CPR training and outreach. He has always provided our staff with CPR training. He teaches in a very relatable way and makes sure that we feel comfortable in the skills before we complete the course. I would like to nominate Chason Freeman for Employee of the Month.


Thank you, Chason Freeman! You are appreciated!