May 2024 Employee of the Month Officer Adam Depew and Officer Zachary Bruton

We are writing this memorandum to nominate Officer Adam Depew and Officer Zachary Bruton for Employees of the Month for the Town of Jonesborough.

On April 21st, 2024, Officers Depew and Bruton were dispatched to a Welfare Check at Walgreens. A 911 caller stated that there was a man slumped over in his vehicle in the Pharmacy Drive Through. Upon arrival, officer Depew attempted to wake the driver without success. As Officer Depew went around to the passenger side of the vehicle to see if the door was unlocked, Officer Zach Bruton checked the mans pulse, and determined he had no pulse and wasnt breathing. Unsure of the cause of the mans state, Officer Bruton quickly administered a dose of Narcan with no response. He then pulled the man from the vehicle and laid him in the parking lot. At that time, Officer Depew began performing CPR on him while Officer Bruton was getting him hooked up to an AED. Once the AED analyzed the man’s heart rhythm, the device advised that a shock was advised. Officer Depew cleared while Officer Bruton delivered the shock. After the shock, Officer Depew continued CPR until it was determined that the mans pulse had returned, and he started to breathe on his own. At that time, EMS arrived on scene and began to treat him and transport him to JCMC. The last update we received was that he was out of ICU and on his way to recover. If it had not been for the quick response and immediate action of these Officers, that outcome would most likely been different.

Thank you, Officer Adam Depew and Officer Zachary Bruton! You are appreciated!