May 2023 Employee of the Month Glen Woodfin

For May 2023, I would like to nominate Street Department Employee Glen Woodfin for Employee of the Month. The Street Department is a small, multi-function group of men, tasked w/a plethora of projects with varying degrees of difficulty. Glen Woodfin is one of those folks who can do just about anything. Well beyond Glen’s regular job scope, he can do grade work and landscaping, framing and trim work, work with metal and steel, ceramic tile and flooring and much more. During our recent foray into the Lincoln Park project, Glen had a hand in most of the construction of the Park. Whereas I was more involved in the layout attributes of the structures, Glen was tasked with directing the crew in how to actually ‘construct’ the structures and features. On the Lincoln Park project alone, Glen was involved in wood and steel framing, setting the timbers for the Stage, construction of the block terraced beds, wood framing and trim of both buildings, grade work and landscape sculpting of the grounds, installing outdoor lighting, grading and asphalting of parking areas and about a hundred other items. To say that Glen was invaluable to the successful completion of Lincoln Park would the understatement of the century. There were so many moving pieces to the Lincoln Park project that our crew (and many others) were involved in. I just wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of the key players in that large and complex project. Everyone involved in the Park project did a fantastic job, but I feel Glen Woodfin deserves a special word of recognition and ‘thanks’. For these reasons and many more, Glen Woodfin is my choice for Employee of the Month.


Thank you, Glen Woodfin! You are appreciated!