April Employee of The Month – Nora Davis

I would like to recommend Nora Davis, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, for the employee of the month.  There are a number of reasons I believe Nora is deserving of being our employee of the month.  The first reason I would like to highlight is her social media work regarding our St. Paddy’s Celebration that took place on Saturday, March 19th.  We have over 1 million people reached solely from posts regarding this event.  This outstanding data shows Nora knew which aspects of the event to capitalize on through her posts, she was strategic on when to post as well as her intentional copy and photo choices.  Many may not realize the amount of time, attention to detail, and analytical skills it takes to have a piece of marketing that reaches this level of success.  Nora also came to me with a last-minute creative video idea to push the event.  In a matter of hours, she filmed, edited, created copy and posted three videos for the event.  But Nora’ efforts did not stop here.  Nora attended the event capturing content for next year’s promotions.  However, when the sound equipment van broke down, Nora drove her personal care and made numerous trips carrying equipment downtown.  We were able to get everything setup and did not have to delay any portion of the event thanks to her help, along with other staff.  As you can see, Nora is always willing to jump in and assist with any task that is thrown her way.  She also displayed this during our Halloween and Christmas events when we were short staffed.  She is an asset to the Town of Jonesborough and is more than deserving of this Employee of the Month Nomination.


Thank you, Nora Davis! You are appreciated!