March Employee of The Month – Amber Crumley

I would like to nominate the Town of Jonesborough Visitors Center & Facility Rentals Manager, Amber Crumley, for employee of the month. Amber has worked for the Town for 14 years and is truly a dedicated employee. Her drive to excel at whatever task is at hand is inspiring to everyone around her. She is always more than willing to jump in and this is what makes her an outstanding employee.

The Gift shop within the Visitors Center, The Old Town Emporium, has seen much success. We commonly receive positive visitor and resident comments as well as the record-breaking days we continue to see. The emphasis on nearly all items being locally made trickles down to staff as Amber has made that an important goal. She has empowered the host team in a number of ways, curating excitement for staff and a welcoming environment for visitors. 

During the fall and winter, the Town had an Events Coordinator vacancy. Amber helped to fill that gap by jumping in on a number of events, two in particular were the Jack-O-Lantern Drive-Thru and Halloween Haunts and Happenings. We had around 18 activities taking place for our Halloween celebration. That is due to Amber taking the lead on that event, keeping in mind she still had her regular job duties to complete. 

Each year the Town makes around $300,000 in ticket sales. Amber oversees every aspect of this process from coordination with the group hosting the event to conducting the financial close out report. She is the individual who inputs each and every ticket that is sold, she trains the hosts at the Visitor Center how to utilize the system, as well as troubleshooting. She also oversees rentals at the Visitor Center, Mill Spring Park, the McKinney Center, and the Chuckey Depot Museum. 

Amber is a highly talented employee and very valuable to the Town for numerous reasons. She always does her job to the best of her abilities and has a positive attitude. Through working alongside her, I have seen and experienced her strong work ethic, her joy to do her job well, and her willingness to help others. Amber is the type of employee any organization would hope for.


Thank you, Amber Crumley! You are appreciated!