March 2024 Employee of the Month Sheila Watson

I would like to nominate Sheila Watson for the distinction and honor of Employee of the Month for March 2024.  Sheila’s job title is listed as HR/Accounts Payable clerk.  Everyone knows of one very important job she performs every other week, (payroll), but her duties reach much farther and wider than that important task.  Sheila dutifully and efficiently performs all Human Resources duties as well, which is likely a job/position in and of itself.  She ‘onboards’ new hires and the many facets of that process…setting up health assessments, initiating background checks, compiling payroll information/specifics (which include many complex items these days), as well as setting the new hire up for a variety of health insurance options. Beyond the typical ‘HR’ duties, Sheila is also a helping hand and friendly face to employees with insurance concerns and changes, payroll issues, retirement or other issues employees need assistance with.  Sheila is also integral when an employee parts with the Town.

  Aside from payroll and HR tasks, Sheila performs Accounts Payable duties.  Most times this involves chasing down charges, and identifying which department initiated the charge.  With the Town having many different departments and vendors, this detective work can be quite involved, and quite the task.  Moreover, during the past few months, the Town has been integrating an entirely new accounting and payroll software system.  Sheila has had the task of learning the complex new software, while maintaining/using the old software program so the bills got paid, as well as the employees being paid.  So, for some time, both the new and old accounting/payroll systems operated simultaneously, obviously adding complexity to Sheila’s work day.  By taking only a cursory glance @ the new look of the pay stubs, one can easily see the tip of the iceberg of the new accounting system. Sheila has been much involved in the implementation of the new system, working tirelessly and seamlessly ‘behind the scenes’.  Sheila’s relentless pursuit of excellence in all her duties, dedication to her employer and to our employees, and her patience and specificity in dealing with vendors and accounts payable make her an employee that the Town should count as truly invaluable.  

For these reasons and so many more, I believe Sheila Watson should be awarded the honor and distinction of Employee of the Month this month.  Thank you for your time.

Thank you, Sheila Watson! You are appreciated!