July 2023 Employee of the Month Arthur Casey

I would like to recommend Arthur Casey for employee of the month for June 2023. Arthur has been employed by the Town of Jonesborough for 32 years and has shown to be sedulous and an artisan at his position. Arthur was recently promoted to Construction Supervisor and has evolved as a true leader with a meticulous attention to detail in all of Water Distributions line maintenance and construction affairs. Arthur is well respected by his colleagues for his leadership skills and his knowledge of our intricate water system and has a propensity to share his knowledge to the incoming neophytes at water distribution. You can always call Arthur day or night at any time and he is willing to give advice to the people on call or come in and help with the repair of the water line. Arthur was instrumental in getting Lincoln Parks toilets plumbed and installed again, showcasing his knowledge and his ability to help other departments when needed. Arthur also took out the old water heaters at Wetlands Park and plumbed in and installed two water heaters that were antiquated and were leaking: along with repairing several leaks the park had this year. These are just a few examples of what Arthur Casey does on a daily basis besides his regular job duties. His kindness and generosity go beyond his normal working hours into his personal time by helping others that may need help with any home repairs or mechanical issues.

These are the qualities that exemplify the traits of what Jonesborough, TN is known for and is expected by our residents and also what makes us flourish as a community.


Thank you, Arthur Casey! You are appreciated!