Jonesborough Water Meter Project Update

Town of Jonesborough

Replacement and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Project

(Updated 10/25/2022)

Why are our water meters being replaced?

Over time, older meters and their moving parts wear out and are more prone to maintenance issues. As a result, they are less effective at tracking the total amount of water moving through them.

The Town of Jonesborough is replacing all water meters across our entire system with meters that perform reliably and accurately throughout their projected lifespan. This project is part of our strategic planning process to provide for the long-term needs of current and future customers.

What are the existing meters being replaced with?

AMR includes automated meter reading technology that collects consumption, diagnostic, and status data from a water meter and transfers that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.

Benefits of AMR

The benefits of an automated meter reading system include convenience for both the Town and the customer. With AMR, the meter readers can collect meter readings much quicker by simply driving by meter locations. Water meter readers will have a receiver in their vehicles and as they drive by meter locations, the receiver will collect meter readings transmitted by the individual meters. The new meters will assist customers in detecting leaks and will assist utility staff in detecting malfunctioning or tampered meters. Additionally, this timely information coupled with analysis, can help both utility staff and customers better manage the Town’s potable water usage.

When is the project expected to be completed?

Water meter replacements began October 17, 2022 and are expected to be completed within one-year.

How will I access my water usage data?

Once the project is completed, you will receive a notification for a smartphone or computer application that will provide real-time data about your water usage. We will also provide instructions for online account maintenance.