January Employee of The Month – Glen Woodfin

I would like to nominate Glen Woodfin for the distinction of Employee of the Month for January 2022.  Glen is our Assistant Street Director, as well as our job Foreman over field operations.  Shortly stated, Glen makes things happen.  Glen is the highly motivated central part of our Street Department team.  I could pen many stories to illustrate Glen’s dedication to keeping our town in tip-top shape, but today I’ll choose just one.

At our recent Christmas parade, we all found ourselves thinking back on how to conduct the night time parade, since we had no parade last year and the night version of the parade is a bit more difficult logistically than a ‘day time’ parade.  Major Rice and the JPD had also implemented a more robust traffic control plan, complete with heavy water filled barricades to safeguard the folks viewing the parade.  Since we had the new traffic control devices to deal with, Glen met with Major Rice and they coordinated the placement of the new water filled barricades, complete with a ‘fill and empty’ schedule on how to deploy and remove the barricades.  Their plan worked flawlessly.   Police and Fire Department Forces were also exemplary in the overall success of this year’s night parade.  Our Street crew was tasked not only with placing traffic control, including closing a lane of Jackson Boulevard in the rain, but we all were assigned posts to work during the parade.  JPD concentrated their officers nearer downtown Main Street this year, which left Street and other Forces with a larger role near the perimeters of the parade.  Glen, as usual, worked tirelessly behind the scenes guaranteeing all our Forces knew their role in traffic control placement, what post to ‘man’ during the parade, and how to quickly remove traffic control following the parade so traffic could be returned to the normal traffic pattern.  Street Forces played a big role in channelizing traffic, pedestrians and parade participants.  Glen is instrumental in making all the pieces fit into place.  Ahead of most of our events, Glen draws out a traffic control plan well in advance of the event, so we can make adjustments or fine tune the design as the date nears.  As I have made mention before, even if you do not see Glen during the event (or on our construction projects), chances are he was on the scene well before anyone else, facilitating the day’s work.  The type of dedication Glen exhibits is beginning to be extremely rare.  When you realize your daily task has the potential to positively impact the lives of others, the motivation to do a great job should be easy to find.  I feel Glen has this motivation on each project or event he participates in.  A team player and leader with a big heart for people.  For these reasons, I feel Glen Woodfin deserves the honor and distinction of Employee of the Month for January 2022.


Thank you, Glen Woodfin! You are appreciated!