January 2024 Employee of the Month Amber Crumley

I would like to nominate the Town of Jonesborough Director of Events, Amber Crumley, for employee of the month. Amber Crumley continually goes above and beyond her job duties justifying her Employee of the Month Nomination. Amber stepped into her new role over the summer and I can say it has been one of the most seamless transitions.

She had about a month and a half to plan the Jonesborough Days Festival, the Town’s biggest and most involved event of the year. A number of town staff, across varying departments, made comments about how organized the festival was and how smooth everything went. As most of you know, Jonesborough Days is a feel-good community event and not necessarily intended to make money. As far as I am aware, we made more money from this event than ever before. Amber worked hard to get last-minute sponsors and find other creative revenue sources. The Festival ended with a powerful $34,283.75 in profit.

Amber implemented new additions to events such as Halloween Haunts & Happenings, was a big part in the success of JAMSA’s Pumpkin Fest. The popular Raven’s Alley and laser tag, during Halloween Haunts and Happenings, are just two examples of successful additions. As the holidays approached, she went full force into lining everything up for the 4-week Christmas in Olde Jonesborough series. We saw recording-break attendance at the kickoff on Saturday November 25th. We all agree that this rise in events has partially been organic. But nonetheless, with that rise in attendance creates a need for a higher level of organization as well as additional activities. Amber was extremely thoughtful and proactive. Her conversations constantly consisted of asking the question, “what else can we do to make this event better”. Even with Amber tossing in new additions to events, she never lost sight of honoring the Town’s traditions. Her work is superior in the fact she always pushes to the highest level of excellence.

Past excelling at her job, Amber is one of the first staff members to lend a hand when it is needed. I couldn’t possibly count the number of times Amber has jumped in to help another employee or to assist another department. She sees when someone may be a bit overwhelmed and assists without even being asked. Never does she complain, she just gets the task done. The trait about Amber that is to be commended is that when someone does need help she never makes them feel less then, and encourages them until the job is done.

Amber has continued to manage the Town’s ticketing system. This system also serves groups like JRT, JAMSA, Garden Gala, etc. During the fiscal year of 2022-2023 the Town made $420,000 in ticket sales. Amber oversees every aspect of this process from coordination with the group hosting the event to conducting the financial close out report. She inputs each and every ticket that is sold, she trains the hosts at the Visitor Center how to utilize the system, as well as troubleshooting, and answering patrons questions. The amount of time she puts in to ensure everything runs smooth with ticketing is worth commending. Her efforts towards this essential function for the Town keeps many departments running.

Town of Jonesborough is very fortunate to have Amber Crumley as an employee and she is more than deserving to be the Town’s employee of the month.

Thank you, Amber Crumley! You are appreciated!