February 2024 Employee of the Month Lisa Buckingham

I nominate Lisa Buckingham as the January employee of the month. She has the kind of tenacity, determination, and attendance that every director strives for in their team members. She shows up no less than an hour early every day with the same positive attitude about her job as the day before. She has never been late to work and did not request a day off for over a year and a half. Not only is this impressive, but it demonstrates how much love she has for her job and her team. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that in the times Jonesborough has needed her the most, she has been there. She rotated 12-16 hour shifts during the large freeze last winter, both in dispatch and also in the field to ensure every customer was heard and their needs were met to an exceptional standard. Lisa is excellent in her field leadership role as the senior meter reader and provides a brilliant example of what a leader should be. In addition, she represents the town of Jonesborough well in customer communication and relations. A lot of customers even know her by name and recognize her on her work route. She’s gained a large amount of public respect and trust. These kinds of interactions with customers are what continually sets her apart and boosts Jonesborough’s respect in the public’s eyes. It is for these reasons that i nominate Lisa Buckingham for February employee of the month.

Thank you, Lisa Buckingham! You are appreciated!