June 2024 Employee of the Month Brian Atkins

I would like to nominate Brian Atkins for the honor and distinction of Employee of the Month for June 2024.  Due to retirement and attrition, the Solid Waste department has recently experienced a ‘short staffing’ issue.  Other departments have been called upon to lend a hand until Solid Waste is able to add to their work staff.  One recent occurrence bears note in my opinion.  Brian Atkins began work with the Town in the Solid Waste department.  A few years ago, Brian took the opportunity to transfer over to the Water Distribution department.  Brian had performed and had knowledge of nearly every position in the Solid Waste department, including relief trash truck driver.  Recently, Gary Miller, who drives the side arm trash truck, needed to be off work for a family emergency.  Brian Atkins was called upon to operate the trash truck, and run Gary’s route for a couple of days.  After nearly 3 years, Brian quietly accepted the challenge, and drove Gary’s route.  Brian never complained, he just got familiar with the truck, and performed the route.  While in the Walnut Grove subdivision, a contractor for Bright Ridge ruptured a buried gas line while burying internet cable.  Atmos Gas showed up and stopped vehicular traffic on Oakwell Lane.  As Brian rounded the corner to complete his route, he quickly learned that no traffic was allowed on Oakwell Lane.  Brian positioned his truck on the one end of Oakwell, quietly got out of the truck and walked to each house on the block, pulling each house’s trash can all the way down the block, to the trash truck waiting at the end of the block.  He then emptied each trash can, then without fanfare, he pushed each trash can back to it’s rightful house.  What is most interesting about this extra work that Brian had to perform, is the fact that he did not call for help/backup, nor did he tell anyone about moving all the trash cans ‘by hand’ during this segment of his route.  A friend that I attend church with, pulled me aside last Sunday and commented on what a hard working and nicely mannered trash truck driver we have.  He went on to lay out the story of what Brian did to accomplish his relief driver duties while Gary was off work.  Our trash truck drivers do a fantastic job, day in and day out, and occasionally a relief driver working for Water Distribution does an equally noteworthy job as well.  Brian Atkins was a model employee that day, not even realizing anyone had even noticed his extra efforts and pleasant attitude. He was there to perform a task, made more difficult by circumstances.  Brian just performed.  It’s what we do here.  For these and more reasons, I believe Brian Atkins should be awarded the honor and distinction of Employee of the Month this month.


Thank you, Brian Atkins! You are appreciated!