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Q.  Where do I purchase tickets for Town events?

A. Click HERE to purchase tickets for Town Events.


Q.  What are the hours that I can call Town Hall?

A. The phones at Town Hall are answered 24 hours/day - 7days/week.


Q.  Where do I pay my water and property tax bills?   

A. You may stop by Town Hall or pay ONLINE HERE

More information Click HERE


Q.  How can elderly, disabled and Veterans get property tax relief?   

A. There is property tax relief for the elderly, disabled and Veterans who meet certain requirements.

You can find information HERE

If you need additional assistance call the Washington County

Trustee's Office at 423.753.1601 or call the 

Veteran's Administration at 800.827.1000


Q.  Where do I get a building permit?   

A. Inside City Limits-call 423.753.1035

A. In the County-call 423.753.1753

More information Click HERE

Building permit application HERE


Q.  Where is Washington County Sessions Court?   

A. 108 West Jackson Blvd. Jonesborough Call 423.753.1737


Q.  How do I apply for a Business License?    

A. Download Application and take to Town Hall.

Click HERE for application


Q.  Where do I report a power outage?   

A. For ALL power outages, contact the Johnson City Power Board at 423.282.5272.  

Follow the prompts and leave a message. Unless you have an emergency, please do not call the police department to report power outages.


Q.  How do I get on the Historic Zoning Commission agenda?   

A. Contact the Chairman, Dr. William Kennedy at 423.753.3161  More information HERE



Q.  Can I reserve a picnic shelter?    

A.  Shelters are on first come-first served basis at no charge, except the pavilion at Persimmon Ridge Park located adjacent to Wetlands Water Park. That pavilion is rented from Memorial Day through Labor Day and can be reserved by calling the Water Park at 423.753.1553.

More Parks and Recreation information HERE


Q.  What are the purple flowering plants in the median on 11-E?

A.  October Skies Aster and they bloom in the fall.


Q.  What are the trees in the median on 11-E with purple/maroon leaves?

A.  Forest Pansy Redbud


Public Safety - FIRE

Q.  How do I get a Fire Inspection?    

A. Inside City Limits - call 423.753.1035

More information Click HERE


Q.  How many smoke detectors do I need and where should I put them?

A. Smoke detectors need to be installed in every finished living space in your home excluding kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages. The detector should be installed between four and twelve inches from the ceiling when installed on the wall and the same distance from the wall when installed on the ceiling. Be sure to not place smoke detectors within three feet of a ceiling fan or air register.


Q.  Does the Fire Department install smoke detectors?

A. Yes the Jonesborough Fire Department does participate in the State Fire Marshall's Office smoke detector program. The detectors and service is provided to town residents for free but only if certain requirements are met. To inquire about this service or qualifying criteria please call 423.753.1053. Click HERE for a Smoke Detector Request & Liability Form.


Q.  Do you fill swimming pools?

A. While in the past some departments have done this, the Town of Jonesborough does not offer this service.


Q.  Can I visit the Fire Station?

A. Yes the department is open to visitation by the public between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. If you would like to visit us, please enter through Town Hall and proceed to the Public Safety window. They will contact us and we will escort you on a tour of our station.


Q.  Can my children have a birthday party at the Fire Station?

A. The Town of Jonesborough no longer offers this service.


Q.  Does the Fire Department install car seats?

A. Yes, many of our staff are trained car seat installers. Our police department also has many certified installers. If this is a service you require, walk-ins are welcome. You can inquire about this service by calling 423.753.1053


Public Safety - POLICE

Q.  How do I get into the Are You Okay Program?

        A.  Call the Police Department at 423.753.1053

        More information Click HERE


Q.  How do I get a copy of an accident/fire report?  

A. Call 423.753.1053 and inquire about getting a copy of your report.

More information Click HERE


Q.  Does the Police Department install car seats?

A. Yes, many of our staff are trained car seat installers. If this is a service you require walkins are welcome. You can inquire about this service by calling 423.753.1053


Q.  I need more information about the Redflex Traffic Control Photograph System?

A.  More info Click HERE


Q.  Where is the Jonesborough Municipal Court? (for Town of Jonesborough and                          Jonesborough Redflex citations only)

A.  123 Boone Street in Town Hall next to the Post Office. Call 423.753.1053


Q.  How do I pay my Redflex Traffic Camera Citation?

A.  They must be mailed in as per the citation you received in the mail. The Police Station does not accept payments. Send check or money order. Do not send cash.


Senior Center

Q.  How do I get involved at the Senior Center?   

A. Call 423.753.1083 

More information HERE


Street Department

Q.  Who do I call for a street light outage?

A. Call 423.753.1053 or 423.753.1030


Q.  Who do I call to report a pothole?

A. Call 423.753.1030 


Visitors Center

Q.  Where do I get more information about renting the Visitors Center?  



Q.  What are the hours of the stores downtown?

A.  The majority of the businesses downtown are open 10 am - 5 pm and

some restaurants are open earlier for breakfast. It is best to call if you

are coming for a particular store. 


Q.  What is happening downtown today?  

A.  This is a link to our calendar of events HERE


Q.  Do you have a history video?

A.  The Chester Inn Museum has a short history video.


Q.  Where do I get Teller-in-Residence tickets?  

A.  Call the International Storytelling Center at 800.952.8392, ext 222

or Click HERE


Q.  Where can I see some area waterfalls?  

A.  The Visitors Center can provide directions to many area waterfalls, which include: Fall Creek Falls, Jackson Falls, Natchez Trace Falls, Old Falls, Pine Ridge Falls and Kelley Falls. Call 423.753.1010


Solid Waste and Recycling

Q.  Is my garbage collected on holidays?

       A.  There is a holiday collection schedule that is announced in January and changes are also        noted on online calendar. the 2017 Holiday Schedule can be found HERE.


Q.  What is the cost for garbage collection services?

A. Garbage collection fee is $15.50 per month per household. There is a $2.00 monthly discount for residents participating in the recycling program. There is no fee for yard-waste removal.


Q.  How do I sign up for garbage collection services?

A. Once you open a water account within the Jonesborough town limits, you will begin to receive collection services.


Q.  How do I request a garbage can if I don't have one?

A. Please call 423.753.1006.


Q.  Where do I place my yard-waste for curb collection?

A. Yard-waste should be placed on the curb, parallel with the road, with pieces no longer than six (6) feet in length.


Q.  If I hire a contractor to do landscape services on my property, can the yard-waste               material be placed on the curb for the town to collect?

A. No! It is the contractor's responsibility and obligation to remove and dispose of it.



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